Interview with Gertrud Huberty of CHAMP Cargosystems

2020-04-06, by Julia Bialek, Head of GDPR Conference, EIPS
Gertrud Huberty

We are happy to introduce Gertrud Huberty today, Corporate Data Protection Officer at CHAMP Cargosystems. As Corporate Data Protection Officer, Gertrud focuses on supporting the implementation of the necessary organisational and technical measures in line with the European Global Data Protection Regulation in place since May 2018. This includes the Management of the Register of Processing Activities, the implementation of Privacy by Design and Data Protection Impact Assessments. Furthermore, she rolls out adequate policies and procedures and takes care of Training and Awareness of CHAMP staff worldwide.

Thank you for answering some questions in advance of our GDPR+2 Online Conference:

1. To what extent has data protection influenced the corporate culture of your company or of your clients?

After the “pain period” in 2017 when CHAMP started registering any processing activity and training all of our employees worldwide, and after having closed off a major GDPR Measures program based on a gap analysis, data protection nowadays evolves into a topic of business ethic and is of course part of any type of Request for Proposals for new contracts. Our employees are gradually incorporating data protection in their daily at work and the amount of questions asked show that the majority of staff care about personal data.

2. What was the biggest challenge for your company or your clients when implementing the GDPR?

It is for sure keeping the pace with new technology to be implemented and keep being involved. Privacy by Design is a learning process for all parties.

3. You will lead a workshop at the GDPR+2 Online conference with the title “’Suffering from GDPR compliance pain’? … There is relief from the pain – Get the hang of the roadmap.“ What can the participants learn from you there?

How CHAMP got over this pain, how we started off and gained buy in, what methodologies were used to stay on track. How frequently we communicated and created awareness. … and last but not least, challenges in our way and some of them they stay with us.

Thank you for answering our questions, Gertrud Huberty.