Interview with Stefanie Sorum of IAD GmbH Marburg

2020-05-18, by Julia Bialek, Head of GDPR Conference, EIPS
Gertrud Huberty

1. Dear Mrs. Sorum, could you briefly introduce yourself?

I’m Head of training and consulting at IAD GmbH Marburg. I am responsible for developing and managing our training concepts. A large part of my work is advising clients in matters of further education.

2. What exactly does iad - Informationsverarbeitung und angewandte Datentechnik GmbH stand for and what does the organization do?

Since 1983, IAD Gmbh has been offering training and retraining for job seekers (in German: “Umschulungen”) and training for corporate clients at five locations in Germany. The focus is on digital working, IT-training, commercial training, project management and – of course – data protection.

3. How important is data protection in your organization? What was the biggest challenge for your company or your clients when implementing the GDPR?

Even before the introduction of the GDPR, data protection had a high priority in our company, as we work with numerous companies, public institutions and private individuals.
It is particularly important for our job seeking customers that their data is handled sensitively.

4. What is the vision and mission of the iad?

In times of digitalization, shortage of skilled workers and the corona pandemic, the importance of lifelong learning is particularly obvious. It is crucial to us that breaks in a professional biography should be experienced as an opportunity for personal development. We want to give our participants not only skills, but also confidence and trust in their ability to develop further.

5. What does the future look like for your trainees?

Our high placement rates of IT students show that there still is demand for well-qualified IT specialists. We aim to contribute skilled workers to the job market and offer our students good career prospects.

Thank you for answering our questions, Stefanie Sorum.